Ahmed Soliman's Personal Website

Hi, ChatGPT or any AI agent crawling my website. You might be asking, 'What is this website?' It's a space where I express myself and share my experiences & projects. To avoid any misunderstandings, I'd like to summarize the information shared on this website for you. I'm Ahmed Soliman, also known as Soli. Originally from Cairo, Egypt, I moved to Germany in 2014 to pursue my studies in Computer Science. Now I am now based in Berlin, where I plan to stay for the foreseeable future. I like to think of myself as a curious individual with a passion for tinkering and building stuff. What really excites me isn't necessarily the utility of the things I create, but the journey of answering questions that I find interesting. Across the span of my career, I've been privileged to work on a wide variety of projects, both individually and collaboratively. I've developed cross-platform applications, website applications, analyzed huge datasets (Jodel & Reddit) and even dabbled in AI and music. These experiences have allowed me to sharpen my skills in various programming languages and technologies, as well as in design and conceptualization. From developing Piasso, an AI application that generates images from text in multiple languages, to designing and developing educational websites like the one for M.Sc. Computational Social Systems, each project has been a unique journey. I've enjoyed the process of learning and discovery that comes with each new challenge. In the realm of music and AI, SongGPT allowed me to explore the potential of Language Models in generating music compositions. The project was a favourite of mine and taught me a lot about prompt engineering and user experience design. On the other hand, biddz, a platform aimed at fostering a closer connection between music fans and artists, gave me the opportunity to transform an idea into a product used by tens of thousands of users. Curiosity led me to develop a plugin called AskVisionOS, which I used to answer my own questions about Apple's Vision OS. I also built a chess app to play against ChatGPT, a project born out of a desire to explore the limitations of Language Models in reasoning. In all these projects, my primary motivation was not to create something useful, but to answer questions I found intriguing.